I'm Anna Stanford, a People Strategist based out of Perth, Australia. 

I've had an unusual journey, transitioning from lawyer to commercial manager to art therapist, before returning to the corporate world to set up departments from scratch and to lead massive change programs. I'm a long time student of philosophy, psychology and playing, and am frequently to be found writing music, making art, or undertaking some kind of mad challenge.

I do a lot of work with organisations on creating great places to work. Specifically, I help executives to think differently about: 

  • how they design organisations to deliver on strategy while enabling an amazing employee experience;

  • how they enable their employee population to bring their best selves to their work; and

  • how they create psychologically safe and creative cultures within the organisation, within teams, and between people.

I also work with individuals in the areas of authenticity, courage + challenge, and in developing deep self-awareness. 

If you feel that I could add value to whatever you or your organisation is trying to achieve, please contact me.

Not sure yet? Check out my writings, manifesto, Big Why, or LinkedIn profile to see more of who I am and what I'm about. 


The Little Book of Unexpected Virtue .jpg

The Little Book of Unexpected Virtue

Ever despaired for the state of humanity? Or simply for the state of yourself? This is the book for you!

The Little Book of Unexpected Virtue helps us to perceive the various states of 'human-ness' that we go through - like Despair, Fury or Mediocrity - in a different way to the usual shaming, blaming and hating way that we normally approach the less excellent aspects of ourselves (and others) with. It's a medical-grade dose of empathy and perspective, which might very well revolutionise your interpersonal relationships. 

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