And so it begins! (though 1000 may have been a bit ambitious!)

So, I'm a few days into this experiment, and it's amazing what has come up already. I've started to realise that it's not just linked to rejection for me - I can experience resistance to doing things for a whole ton of reasons. So, I'm expanding my "1000 opportunities for rejection" to "1000 opportunities for rejection and resistance". I want to keep walking into the things that I fear.

I had a coaching call with Lisa O yesterday, which did absolute wonders for helping me to see the light of possibility again. I had left immersion feeling so flat, and with no energy or hope for myself. I couldn't imagine selling anything. 

But, one coaching call later, and we suddenly have a plan and a lot more enthusiasm. My cluster is taking shape in front of my eyes. I'm utilising my time in Perth next week to have as many coffees as I can to talk about this cluster, and I'm then going to go back to Perth in a month's time to run it as a one day workshop for whoever, but then have a few days free for people to potentially buy it for their organisations. 

It's terrifying, in some ways. I'm not sure when my self confidence took such a profound hit, but I sort of feel like I have absolutely nothing valuable to offer the world that it would pay for. Except, this creativity cluster has got me freaking excited - it's the training day I would dream of running. 

Things I've done so far to walk into my fear of rejection include:

  1. Sharing my newsletter header art on Instagram (sharing any of my art or music is always nerve wracking for me).
  2. Telling my Instagram followers that I had had a less than exciting quarter and was repositioning myself.
  3. I shared the post cards I had made with the girl who works in my local cafe (that's a sharing my art moment, again).
  4. I figured out how to get my old domain name to work on my new site (I hate technology. So much resistance).
  5. In my coaching session with Lisa I told her all of the negative things I hear in my head about my ability to sell. There's something often frightening about being explicit about how insecure you feel. 
  6. I asked Andrew to spot me $1000 because a client is sitting on my $9000 invoice. I am literally down to the last $2 in my bank account. I hate asking for money more than anything. This is not the first time I've had to do this with him, and while I understand reciprocity in partnerships, this makes me feel particularly vulnerable. The only upside to this time was that I didn't burst into tears afterwards.
  7. I'm running a training day on Friday, and I sent through all of the exercises to my contact at the client and asked her to print them out (given that I'm flying over). She's more than happy to do it, but I was hesitant to do that because of the voice in my head that says I should be all over that kind of thing. 

I'm all prepped and ready to go for this training day that I'm running on Friday. I can only hope that it works out as good as it is in my head!


1000 opportunities for rejection

Hi Legends,

Have you ever seen this Ted Talk? It’s Jia Jiang, a guy who was so scared of rejection that he deliberately practised asking for things that he thought would get him rejected for 100 days straight. It’s hilarious, thought provoking and likely a good use of your time.

So, I’m writing to you because I reckon we might share a fear of rejection. And in our TLBS journeys, it might be showing up in our sales, positioning, or day rate. 

I’m sick of feeling crippled in my ability to move from great thoughts to great sales, and I’m going to do something about it. 

Thus, “1000 opportunities for rejection” is being born for me this quarter. The premise is that I am going to, 1000 times, do something or ask for something that I think might result in rejection. I'm going to do all I can to desensitise myself to rejection.

My opportunities (initially) might look like asking these questions:

  • Would you like to sign up for my newsletter? 
  • Could you refer me to someone you think I’d be a good fit with? 
  • Would you like to be coached by me?
  • Telling LinkedIn that my creativity days are awesome
  • Can I put a flyer up in your shop? 
  • Can I speak to your HR manager? 
  • Can I write for your publication?
  • Can we collaborate on x? 
  • Would you do an interview with me?
  • Will you give me a testimonial? 
  • Would you have a coffee with me?
  • Could I speak at your event?

1000 opportunities for rejection looks like roughly 20 rejection situations each week day.

I’m inviting you to come along for the ride. I think you’re awesome, and I know you think I’m pretty cool, too. If you want to join in, let me know, and we can create a more shared site to report our progress.

Otherwise, I'll be updating every couple of days, starting from Monday :)

Love, Anna