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We're often a bit out of balance. We're born with preferences for how we want to be in the world, which immediately start competing with any preferences that our parents or society have about how we are in the world. We're often rewarded for behaviour that isn't aligned with the truth of our insides. The result is that we can grow up and actually not 'be' in our entirety - we don't believe we're creative, for example. Or, we value logic over emotion, rather than valuing them equally. Or we might know that we're deeply intuitive, but we're also scared that we're dumb. So certain aspects of ourselves are over-prioritised, and start to cannibalise our lives.

How do we learn to show up as fully integrated, fully self-expressed human beings who are able to move between their emotional, instinctive and cognitive intelligences, as the situation requires?

My work with individuals centres on creating the space, and dismantling the blockages, required to bring their whole selves to the table. It's deep, transformative work, approached with a lot of care, courage and creativity.


More 'Me'

I coach women in demanding corporate environments, who are looking to:

  • find their boundaries and their voice; 
  • show up authentically and confidently; 
  • take care of themselves with kindness; and
  • achieve more than they ever have before.

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Self-Knowing Through Art Creation

Need some time out to reconnect with yourself and have some creative fun? I frequently run group programs with women who are looking to understand themselves in a deeper way. We explore various themes like resilience, boundaries, self-expression, and balancing care for self and others, through the process of art creation. 

Sessions are typically held on Monday nights in the Melbourne CBD. Register here to be notified when our next term starts.