Having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed; (of a plan or piece of work) intended to satisfy high aspirations and therefore difficult to achieve.

I have an enormous soft-spot for things that might be considered outrageous; I find examples of ‘nerve’ to be particularly endearing. Ambition is born of nerve, and I like it because it looks at reality (or what might be considered ‘normal’) and says, “more is possible… and I will do it”. 

Without ambition, far fewer amazing things would be achieved in the world. It’s a combination of the virtues of Accountability, Audacity, and Adventure, where, for whatever reason, someone decides to hold themselves to a bar which is higher than that reached by the many. 

If we never held the bar higher for ourselves, we would live comfortable, uneventful lives, and we would not reach our potential. Now, there is no moral obligation to reach your potential or to ‘be the best you’ that you can be… but aren’t you curious about what you’re capable of? About what you’re really made of? Ambition tests both capability and construction, growing and evolving everything that you thought that you were.

What have you always thought that you might try, but you keep putting off for whatever reason? Have some nerve. Raise the bar. Determine to do that thing, and go and make it a reality. Enlist people to help you, and to hold you accountable. The point isn’t the achievement of the outcome - the point is the process, and the way it changes everything.