Not having any serious purpose or value; carefree and superficial.

Have you ever seen a baby goat quietly going about its business, then suddenly erupting into a mad leaping and bucking frenzy, bouncing off every surface near it? It’s having more fun than it can comprehend, seized by an instinctive urge to frolic.

There is a time and a place for mad frivolity, for casting aside our burdensome concerns and being a bit stupid. For busting a dance move while out in public, without regard for who might be watching; for bursting into song; for rolling down a hill; for skipping down the street. For being childlike, instinctive and care-free.

Frivolity is the antidote for becoming overly burdened by the cares of our lives and the injustices present in our societies. It reminds us that, no matter how terrible things might be at the moment, our capacity for play and innocence and goodness remains. It’s a moment of blacking out from the weight of adult responsibility, and reconnecting with the joy of the instinctive self.

As an adult, there are multiple ways that engage in frivolity, and you don’t need to be inebriated to do it. Go find yourself a costume, and wear it around your house. Go to a silent disco. Go sand-boarding, or tobogganing, or to some kind of giant trampoline. Do something that you always wanted to do when you were a child. Get light-hearted for a bit, and feel it re-energise your soul.