I work with organisations to deliver epic training days and kick-ass mentoring.

Check out my offerings below. If you see something that is 'almost but not quite' what you're looking for, get in touch to see if I can create something bespoke for you.

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Creativity For Corporate Types

Is your organisation's thinking in a rut? Have you run out of inspiration, imagination or ideas? Creativity For Corporate Types is a ridiculously fun and colourful one day training workshop which will break your brain wide open. Learn how to suspend judgement, use your constraints to power (rather than limit) your ideas, and get as brave as a five-year old with a packet of pencils.

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Powerful Management Teams

Are your managers struggling to get on the same page? At differing levels of competence, confidence, care-factor, and cross-functional collaboration? Powerful Management Teams is a 2 day workshop designed to get your managers aligned in their purpose, priorities, and how they play well together. It's a bucket load of strategy, creativity, and honouring each individual's contribution.

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"Help! I know I need a training day but I don't know what to include/ how to make it awesome!"

No judgement, it happens - you get close to the end of your organisation's financial year, and realise that you have an unused budget and haven't gotten around to organising any training for your team.

I can work with you to customise a team training day that meets your team where it's at. We'll start with a survey that helps me to understand what you're working in and with, and then we'll move to formulating objectives, an agenda, and awesome activities for the day.

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