Digital Portrait - Pen


Digital Portrait - Pen

from 200.00

Anna will draw a portrait of you, or whomever, based on a photograph chosen by you.

The photo you provide must be:

  • at least 750 KB big, and clearly show the face of the person to be drawn; and

  • be sent through to once the portrait has been purchased.

During the checkout process, you will be asked:

  • what dimensions you would like your portrait;

  • whether you would like a border; and

  • whether you would like the portrait to be done in a colour other than black.

Things to note:

  • All portraits will be provided within a week of purchase. If you require a quicker turn-around time, portraits can be expedited by also purchasing Express Service in the shop.

  • Portraits will not be drawn with backgrounds in them - they will simply feature the person, or people, in them.

Number of people in the portrait:
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