I’m interested in designing the workplace of the future: one where the corporate search for profit is married with man’s search for meaning.

Hi! I’m Anna Stanford, an ex-lawyer turned commercial manager turned organisation optimiser. I'm also a long time student of philosophy, psychology and testing ones limits, and have a mad passion for creative thinking, well-designed systems, and well-lived lives. I explore a lot of these concepts over at www.annaliselstanford.com

The requirement to work is something that most of us share. I believe that work can be a deeply meaningful exercise through which people can find self-knowledge and experience purpose beyond a pay cheque. That said, it can also be the exact opposite, and we see that too often: work and work places that demotivate, demoralize, and destroy people’s sense of connection and contribution.

I'm interested in designing the workplace of the future: one where the corporate search for profit is married with man's search for meaning. You know, organisations where employee's are genuinely enabled to add value, and not one where they spend the majority of their time trying to navigate lame processes or dysfunctional managers. Organisations where high performing teams with excellent conflict resolution skills are the norm. Organisations where CEO's can actually find out what's happening in the organisation, because all forms of feedback are enabled, encouraged and celebrated. Organisations where people are actually enabled to be their best selves, and to unleash whatever latent genius they have within them.

If your organisation is wrestling with under performance in any area, please reach out. Alternatively, check out my Articles or read up on my Services for more information.